Wednesday, August 12, 2009

keja kawen #18 - official photog


entri ini adalah sejibik di-copy dari principal the photolicious team

tertarik dengan "double trouble triple" yang diutaraka oleh sis kay ini.

" let us (photographer) talks on this DTT we had so far

20 phone photographer and 10 hobbyist dslr owner - don’t worry bride, just focus more to your official photographer and wait for the photographers signal if he/she got the shots before move to others photographers, why?? sometimes this 30 friends photographers don’t really bother us the official photographers to shoot, they don’t even want to move out from their spot after they shoot.. so, you pay the photographer to shoot you kan , ape yg penting k.e.r.j.a.s.a.m.a!!
- aku suke point yang ini. selalu aku tgk o.p plak kena kasik peluang pada amatur utk conquer bahagian hadapan pelamin. aku kena pastikan hari aku nanti.. aku akan pay attention pd o.p aku jak nanti. xpasal2 kang di cop penganten sombong plak..haih! ;p

2. copyright ::: ini lagi satu issue sengal aiyakkk - happen before, photos that i shoot, been up to the bunting, website, facebook without any copyright written (always bende macam ni pun nak kene raise issue ke.. bak kate nabill lu pikir lah sendiri.. and yes, if your are from big company, i would love to sue you! stealing is a big no no no!! i did use a few others photographers picture to copy on the poses but I still maintain their credit link in every picture i took.. this is a win win situation lah kan. and for my lovely client/bride to be, as stated in the contract, all pictures going to be publish, in websites, buntings, even facebook have to maintain the credit to especially if you copy it from the website… janganlah rajin sangat pergi buang link kat bawah tu darling.. haiyoooo
- noted!
- and because of this, starting from today, all the picas here will be put link credit in the picture itself! i hate doing this!!! but hey, i forget,we’re malaysian!
- noted lagi. ya.. sis kay.. satu malaysia!
- mak andam please take note on this ye…serius issue dan rase tak best bile kite shoot, takde kredit seperti claim gamba tu die yang punye.. oooh i am so tired laling to talk on this…
- sis kay.. ini siwiyes..!

3. delayed - brides out there, please be punctual!
- adeh.. x confident plak aku untuk point yang satu ini. ;p
- but if you couldn’t make it on time, please don’t ignore the official photographers instruction, please listen to them.. they want to make sure all the important picas is happening and really there on your big day!
- huhu..sib baik. noted!
- please bear in mind, if your are late, that means you are dragging the schedule of the event, so jangan gelabah, just go with the flow and enjoy your big day without any stress faces… heheheheh, photographer can ask you to smile, but hey the picas won’t change your stress mood tu nanti
- noted lagi.
- please avoid this ye to all pengantin…. if you guys convoy like 30 kereta, than keluarlah 2 hours early so you won’t get stuck anywhere
- dan noted!

4. too many wedding planner - this always happen, so you are not aberrant, its normal!
- aduina..
- pengantin sendiri better brief photographers what shots that you want the most and hoping not to lose any details of it..
- baek!
- bagitahu photographer sesiap kalau berarak saye nak nampak carpet ni sebab saye design sendiri , kalau berarak saye nak nampak kasut ni sebab ade berlian bling bling ok!
- ok2.. noted!

5. make up - bride selalu tanye, cantik tak makeup saye kak, what photographer usually do, they will snap pictures of you and show it to you.. kalau u rase cun than that’s it, jgn pikir pasal org lain, it’s your big day , your are the queen!!!
- ye.. kena set dalam pikiran - sayelah ratu hari itu.. huhu!
- muke pengantin yg tension/risau akan mencacatkan gambar… i always asked my pengantin to calm down before the event
- aku x menjanjikan ape2 tentang point ini.. weee..

oh oh.. i do have a lot more to highlight, will be continue later k.."
- baek, sis kay! sy setia menunggu..

nota kaki : walopun team ini bukan o.p aku, tp aku perlukan tips2 sebegini dari mereka2 yang punya pengalaman yang dekat dengan penganten2 dan suasana kenduri kawen ;) dan trus mau berkongsi sama kamu2. mekasih ye team! u rawk!

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  1. tq atas tips yg benar2 bergune.. tanya sket...awak org perak ek? saya bakal ambik pakej andaman dan foto sama seperti awak (sebelah lelaki d tepen).. so i hope your experience with the services will help me a lot nnt. heheee

  2. ciNDerella stRikEr org kuala kangsar, perak ;) berjiran lh kite ek? same d butik yg ditempah tu? ok.. nant sy share2 info..k.


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